Personal Risk Insurance

Personal risk insurances provide protections for your income, family, medical and ongoing expenses.

How would you afford your mortgage repayment if you became unable to work? How would your spouse afford your children’s care and schooling fees if you were to pass away? There are various worst case scenarios Personal Risk Insurance can protect you from.

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At KDM Financial, our insurance specialists will assess your insurance needs and help you obtain the most cost-effective covers available in the market. 

The types of personal insurance we deal with are:

  • Income Protection Insurance (Sickness and Accident Cover)
  • Life Insurance
  • Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) Insurance
  • Trauma Insurance
  • Business Insurance such as Buy/Sell insurance, Key Person insurance or Business Group Insurance.


We can also determine the appropriate policy ownership structure as well as the funding methods for your needs.

For example, Life, TPD and Income Protection covers can be funded via your superannuation, by holding the policy inside the superannuation environment. This strategy will enable you to afford the insurance premiums without affecting your cash flow. However, there are things to consider such as the tax implication to the insurance proceeds and the impact to your retirement balance. Therefore it is best to seek comprehensive advice from our insurance specialists to determine the appropriateness of the policy structure.

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