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Estate Planning is not just about making a Will. In fact, it requires a holistic approach to take every part of your financial situation into consideration.

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We have Estate Planning specialists who can provide the strategies that best suit your needs and wishes to ensure your loved ones are taken care of if you were to pass away.


Benefits of Wills

In order to ensure your estate is distributed according to your wishes we recommend making a will and ensuring it is kept up-to-date. Drawing up a will is not expensive – especially for the peace of mind it provides.


Powers of Attorney

Accidents, sudden illness, emergencies, an unexpected absence…Any of these can happen, and sometimes without warning. So it makes sense to arrange beforehand for someone to manage your affairs if for any reason help is ever needed. This is a responsibility best given to experienced professionals, like KDM Financial, rather than a burden to be put on friends or family.



Trusts are complex entities to administer and, at KDM Financial, we have the specialist skills to undertake this challenging role. We can advise you whether to establish a trust when you are alive or by provisions in your will depending on your circumstances. 


Executor Services

The choice of executor to carry out the terms of your will is critical to ensure that obligations, legalities and family issues are handled professionally after your death. We provide a comprehensive professional executor services that can ensure your will and estate are managed according to your wishes.



Our Philanthropy services are designed to help clients achieve their philanthropic goals. We can advise on establishing and administering charitable trusts and foundations, managing investment portfolios held within the trusts and grant making. 


Not For Profit Organisations

Professional advice is an essential part of our service to not for profit and charitable organisations. Our aim is to help not for profit and charitable organisations to achieve their investment goals, including capital growth, security and cash flow. 


Taxation Services

We provide specialist services to a range of clients to assist with their taxation obligations. We specialise in trust and estate taxation administration, compliance and planning as well as supporting the tax affairs of individual clients and philanthropic funds.

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