Debt Management Planning Service

KDM Lending is part of KDM Financial & Estate Planning. We can put together a total package of the right loan to suit your personal investment needs and goals. We can work alongside with your financial adviser and help source the correct loan that will meet your needs

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Mortgage Broking

KDM Lending is there to help borrowers find the right finance option to purchase or refinance a property. We act as a bridge between you and a bank when applying for a home loan, or a loan to release equity for further renovations or investments.

Does one of the following describe your situation? Then, you are more likely to benefit from our Mortgage Broking service.

  • You may have an existing loan or loans that need consolidating;
  • You are looking for a better interest rate or less fees;
  • You would like to renovate and use some of your homes equity to fund the renovations;
  • You love investing in Rental properties and need a friendly loan product and/or;
  • You want to pay off your home loan as fast as possible.


Margin Lending & Investment Loans

A Margin Loan can maximise your return or maximise your losses, a risk the investor must be happy to accept.

While it could increase your investment returns, it also increases your exposure to potential losses. Therefore, it is recommended that you seek advice from a specialist to see whether it is an appropriate strategy for you.

Our Margin Lending specialists can:

  • Identify your goals and objectives and assess the appropriateness of the strategy.
  • Review your current portfolio and make necessary changes to align your risk tolerance.
  • Investigate lenders and find you the right product.

If you are interested in using our lending services, book an initial consultation today and see how our lending specialist can assist you.

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