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    If they become a client, you’ll get to choose from the below thank you gifts.

    *This special token of our thanks applies to all services with the exception of Estate Planning.

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    Message from our Managing Partner

    At KDM, we consider that the most valuable expression of support is when you refer our services to your friends or family. Your referrals are highly appreciated, and your confidence holds great significance to us.

    We offer both a generous gift and a heartfelt thank you to show our appreciation.  Rest assured, those you recommend will receive top-notch service as we are committed to building strong relationships and trust.

    Feel free to reach out if you have questions or need assistance.

    Thank you for your support and trust!

    Kris Martin
    Managing Partner & CEO

    Now the good stuff

    If your referral becomes a client, you’ll get to choose from the below gift options, as our way of showing our gratitude.

    *Our referral appreciation gifts are offered for services other than Estate Planning, where we show our gratitude in other special ways.


    Treat yourself to a weekend getaway, or a nice place to stay on your next holiday with a $200 voucher. There’s no rush to use this one, as Airbnb gift cards never expire.

    Endota Spa

    Relax and rejuvenate with a massage, body treatment and or facial at Endota Spa with a $200 voucher. There’s more than 100 locations nationwide. It’s valid for three years.

    Snap Fitness

    Snap Fitness is the most advanced fitness and health wearable available. Monitor your recovery, sleep, training and health, with personalised recommendations and feedback. We’ll organise the first 12-month subscription, valued at $200.

    Good Food

    Enjoy fabulous food and wine at one or more of Australia’s best restaurants with a $200 voucher. There’s hundreds of participating restaurants to choose from. It’s valid for three years.


    Enjoy a $200 gift voucher at one of your favourite grocery stores.

    Charity donation

    Everyone has a cause close to their hearts. Let us know what’s yours, and we’ll make a $200 donation on your behalf.